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Avoid scams

Things you should know before contacting the advertiser

  1. Before signing any contract, know your rights. This document document (in english) compiles all obligations both you and the landlord have before and after making a deal.

  2. Some users may publish false information. In case you suspect for any information provided in an advertisement, report it to us.

  3. See first, pay later. NEVER pay after seeing a property. Sign in the contract and after all small details have been agreed, make the payment.

  4. In case of doubt, contact your lawyer. Some communes offer them for free at their library.

Site categories and types

Category names you will find when creating or searching for a residence

One of the things that are not translated in our website are the category and types of the advertisements. For technical purposes, these could not be translated into english or portuguese. However, here is a description of what they mean:


  • Lejlighed - Apartment
  • Hus - House
  • Værelse - Room
  • Fritidshus - Summer house
  • Sommerhus - Summer house
  • Rækkehus - Terraced house
  • Erhverv - Business rental
  • Villa - Condo

Advertisements Type

  • Udlejning - People renting residence
  • Salg - People selling residence
  • Boligsøgende - People looking for a residence